There is such a focus on keeping everything out, keeping walls up and avoiding bad “energy”. With all the negativity in the world at the moment, it almost makes sense to want your own bubble far away from all civilization (I’m getting a hazmat suit). It’s next to impossible to watch the news for five minutes without hearing something devastating.

I’ve been wondering if there is a balance between keeping all these things out and opening ourselves up. If we are to be light to the world around us then we have to have a closer look at how we interact with everyone around us. This means that instead of only focusing on what we’re keeping out, we need to also look at how we’re sharing the light that is in us.

“When stars shine, they bring forth the light in darkness. Be that type of a star!”
― Gift Gugu Mona

This might not be as hard as one might think. It can be as simple as just engaging with people more about difficult topics. Instead of shutting ourselves out when we don’t agree with certain people we can choose healthy conversation instead. Your perspective may mean more than you realize. Sharing your opinion is a way of sharing your light.

A post I saw on twitter sums up this post quite perfectly:

“You can fume at the world if you’d like. You can also use your words, art and gifts to let us in. Build us a bridge to where you are”

Lin Manuel Miranda on Twitter

Build us a bridge to where you are..