I grew up as a pretty average child (I know, not the most impressive introduction to a blog post but please do read on). No matter how hard I tried I just never seemed to be very good at anything, I was just um…average. Average grades, average skills, average sporting abilities. My junior-school soccer coach once let me play 10 minutes in a competitive match, he thought it would be good for my self-esteem. Thanks Mr Zulu, you’re the real MVP.

The tales of my early age “averageness” could fill a book and probably bring you much laughter, but lets skip that part for now. So I found myself in my early twenty’s with a fierce but unhealthy determination to never be average again. I wanted to be known for something, to make a difference, to leave a mark… TO CHANGE THE WORLD ! (I hope you read that last sentence in a gradually increasing volume, that’s kinda what I was going for)


waits-for-applause d


To everyone aspiring to change the world, even those who don’t, I want to share an interesting thought that has changed my life. Almost everyone wants to “change the world” in one way or the other. I guess it springs from the inherent desire within every person to be significant, to be recognized or to leave a mark. But the way I see it, changing the world is much simpler than what we make it out to be.

There isn’t one world to change, there are 7,5 billion ‘worlds’ (whatever the earth’s population is). Each person is living an individual experience of “the world”. The world is the sum of our family, our studies, our careers, circumstances, experiences, etc. Ultimately, every human being is simultaneously having a unique experience of “the world” through their own individual lens.

That means rather than doing something spectacular and groundbreaking to be remembered by, ‘changing the world’  actually presents itself in small and ordinary encounters with other people. The opportunity to leave a positive impact in any person’s life, is in fact the opportunity to change THEIR world. The exciting part is you don’t get to change the world once, you get to do it over and over again.

Your legacy is every life you’ve touched. – Maya Angelou

Now every morning I tie-up my laces, zip-up my jacket, grab my coffee (not really, I’m more of tea guy) and walk out the front door realizing that ahead of me lies infinite possibility to ‘change the world‘, even in the most ordinary and regular routine of life.

*Drops microphone*


*Picks it up again because dropping mics is actually quite irresponsible* …

*Apologizes profusely to owner of mic*